Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Growing Up

Growing old and older everyday
How quickly the time passes by

Happiness was innocence
Now it's too late to realise

Some memories still haunt me
And then some makes me smile

I have reached somewhere
To a place I have never been

Like I halted on a highway road
With nothing on it's sides

The world teaches to crave attention
And how I always look to avoid

All in this world of chaos
I have learnt to be quiet

I thought I killed the young in me
Only to know that I survived

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Khwaheshein aur Zaruratein ki Jung mein,
Har pal Ghayal hote gaye,
Dil aur Dimaag ki Darmiyan mein,
Hum to kabke kho gaye,
Zindagi bhi ab unhi raaston se guzarti hai,
Safar shuru hote hi,
Bas chaurahein milte hai!

Friday, 23 September 2016


I wish I could call you
Call you everyday
Tell you everything
How my day went away
I wish I could share
My happiness I felt today
I wish I could share
My heart's pain

You were the one
Who told me to live my everyday
As it came, in anyway
You weren't judgemental
You told me not to be afraid

You were my everything
And I was everything to you
I can't cover this distance between us
And this pain will remain through

Now all my life
How I miss to call you
How I miss to talk to you
How I miss to hear you

Monday, 2 May 2016

Something about Him

There was something about him
He was extreme in every possible way
His love of the deepest level
His passion , so intense
His care, like a parent
He didn't know of a middle ground
In his world she learnt
That it was everything
Or nothing at all
He looked through into her scars
And found her waiting for him
He surrounded her and captured from the world
Brought her to a place where everything was so perfect
She couldn't have been better
She thought she couldn't be happier than this
But he proved her wrong everytime
He took her higher and higher everytime
Together they flew upwards in their happiness
For him it was her honest self
For her it was his passion

He made her look into her self
Like never before
Her fire had faded away with the storms
He re-ignited her
And now she burns
She burns brighter than ever
He fuels with his love everyday
And she burns in his love

Sunday, 20 March 2016


I get comfort in darkness
It's when people show their ugly side
I know what am I facing
Where nobody has to find
There is an equal bed of toughness
For all the fears
Some win a battle and rule the life for years
But every day there is a defeat
Of a new fear in my mind
The defeats in my mind everyday
Gave a victory on outside.

Darkness was like a blanket
Woven like the endless sea
Surrounded the warmth all around me
My subconscious had a connection with darkness
Because there is no outside light
It's pure in itself

I conceive thoughts in darkness
Either by turning off the outside light
Or pushing away the world for sometime

Darkness has always been a teacher for me
So now it doesn't defeat me
Makes me push through the limits

Darkness made my other senses stronger
I could taste the danger
Smell the enemy
Hear the warnings
I could truly feel

Darkness together with Light
Is half part of me.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Thought World

If all my thoughts were brought to life on a paper
It would be a chaos
All the words solely would be of meaning
But together the meaning would be lost

Some thoughts would burn the paper
Some would wash it away
Some would run to the darkness
Some would be caged away
Some would rebel, fight or fly towards the sky
Some would fall, kill or just turn away

Expressing their state as a trapped souls
The borders of harsh, dense world locks them
Only a few could see them through the eyes
Some managed to make to the surface of the face

They would be like people
Each one different from another
Each one would lead to a different path
Each in a different journey

Like billions of stars in universe
In a cycle of birth and death
They light up within myself
And yet they remain in darkness

Monday, 29 February 2016

what was it about him?

what was it about him?

that made her restless when she was away from him
that made her calm when she was with him

what was it about him?

who could bring tears of happiness
who could make her laugh when was supposed to cry

what was it about?

the touch which heightened her senses
the warmth that made her forget everything

what was it?

that her voice was enough for him to know what she was going through
that her gaze was everything like an open book for him

what was it between them?
they missed each other even when they were away only for hours
they had to just be with each other to nourish their soul

Growing Up

Growing old and older everyday How quickly the time passes by Happiness was innocence Now it's too late to realise Some memories sti...